• May 2013:
    • NERIS Topical Workshop on the Management of Contaminated Goods in Madrid, Spain
    • 4th General Assembly of the NERIS Platform in Madrid, Spain
  • February 2013: Start of the PREPARE Project


  • November 2012:
    • WG2 meeting in Oslo, Norway
    • WP3 meeting, in Oslo, Norway
  • October 2012: 1st WG-ConGoo meeting in Paris, France
  • September 2012:
    • R&D Committee meeting, in Paris, France
    • GT Contaminated Goods in Paris, France
  • June 2012: Management Board of NERIS TP, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • May 2012: the Third General Assembly, In Glasgow, UK
  • Mars 2012: WP3 meeting in Madrid, Spain
  • February 2012: First NERIS Workshop in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


  • September 2011: RTD Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.
  • May 2011: Second General Assembly of the NERIS Platform in Paris, France.
  • February 2011: Start of the NERIS-TP Project.


  • November 2010: First meetings of the NERIS Working Groups.
  • June 2010: First General Assembly of the NERIS Platform during the IRPA Congress in Helsinki, Finland.


  • November 2009: Planning meeting of the new NERIS Platform in Paris to discuss the Terms of Reference of the Platform and to review the existing activities in the nuclear emergency and post-accident field.
  • June 2009: Endorsement of a “revised proposal” that was distributed to all participants of the Final EURANOS meeting that took place in Madrid, Spain.
  • January 2009: Discussions on a first “proposal” of a European Platform during the Workshop on “Post-accident rehabilitation preparedness in Europe - Present Issues and Future Challenges” that took place in Paris, France.


  • Autumn 2008: First discussion during the Management Committee of the EURANOS Project on possible options to continue the EURANOS Users Groups beyond the end of the project.

Next events

  • RICOMET, 10-12 May 2022, Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • ERPW 2022, 9-14 October 2022, Estoril (Portugal)

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