A new version of the NERIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is now available!

The overall goal of a SRA is to provide basis for priorities regarding future research & development needs. It is an instrument for creating synergies, co-operation and coordination internally between the NERIS participants and externally with activities taking place within the European Joint Programming for Radiation Protection Research and within other international forums.

The new version of the NERIS SRA has been elaborated during these last 18 months by the NERIS R&D Committee and the NERIS Management Board. Also, consultations with the NERIS Stakeholders have been made during the last NERIS Workshop in Lisbon notably.

You can download the new NERIS SRA here.

Publication of the first NERIS Roadmap

In the framework of CONCERT WP2, NERIS, as other European research platforms, prepared its roadmap with a long-term view and aiming to identify research priorities in emergency and recovery issues. This roadmap also contributes to explore joint interests for multidisciplinary and synergistic research between all research Platforms in radiation protection.

The development of this roadmap is based on two scenarios with societal concern related to NERIS issues:

  • „  Facing the consequences of a nuclear or radiological major accident or incident: how to optimize society’s preparedness, and short term/long term response?
  • „  Facing the threat of a radiological terrorist act: How to minimize consequences?

The NERIS roadmap has been elaborated by identifying research priorities in a long-term goal (0-5 years, 6-10 years, > 10 years) and in line with the updated NERIS SRA.

This document has been elaborated by the NERIS R&D Committee and the NERIS Management Board during last year. A dedicated consultation meeting, gathering all NERIS stakeholders was held last September in Brussels and allowed to finalize this first version of the document.

You can download the first version of the NERIS Roadmap here.

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11 November 2024 : NERIS Workshop, Rome, Italy

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