A common ALLIANCE-NERIS Workshop was held in Munich (BfS premises) the last 28th and 29th of March. Named 'Towards improving radiological assessments and management:  Big data sets, spatial distribution and source to sink modelling’, this common workshop considered a joint research priorities arising from the ALLIANCE and NERIS recent gaps analyses. And so, the objective was to establish a consensus on the questions still to be addressed and to recommend future research priorities. The specific objective of the workshop was to address the spatial redistribution of radionuclides, focusing on water- and solid-mediated fluxes of radionuclides from the source to the ocean. The workshop explored how to develop a holistic understanding of key processes to improve radiological impact assessment and management.  The workshop also addressed issues around using  large volumes of possibly heterogeneous data and combining model predictions with monitoring results in an optimized way.

The detailed programme of the workshop is available here.

The different powerpoint presentations can be downloaded archive here (18.01 MB) .

Note that a statement paper is currently on progress and aims to  play a role for inspiring responses to the EURATOM Call as it is described in the Work Programme 2018 - NFRP-8.


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  • NERIS Workshop, 10th October 2022, Estoril (Portugal)
  • ERPW 2022, 10-14 October 2022, Estoril (Portugal)

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